What is Joint Design Direction?

JDD is about designing with people in mind - with you in mind. Defining modern spaces needs a fresh approach. Joint Design Direction is about a balance between people, product, and technology. We aim to encourage inclusive spaces enabled by wireless technology, while providing exclusive space for group discussion or personal time. We are developing our products to simplify how spaces are used, making those spaces flexible and easier to engage with


Values and behaviour

Interaction with the community that helped us get to where we are today is - and will always be - an important part of our activity. Once a term we have committed to mentoring design students between the ages of 16 - 18 at the school that gave us our first education in design. A commitment that doesn't look due to end any time soon!

As well as this, we work as visiting lecturers at West Midlands universities, both teaching design and talking about how we created JDD.



So what's the dream? We aim to create an environment and company that enables new young designers to enjoy a freedom to experiment and create beyond university - we want to share what we have learnt, and in turn learn from the best new young designers in the process.