Designed in Birmingham . Made in Birmingham

Although we utilise many cutting edge product design and development techniques in our Central Birmingham studio - including CAD, digital visualisation, 3D printing and CAM - sometimes nothing beats pen to paper. That's why all our products start off their lives as handdrawn sketches, and also why we believe all our products carry a design language distinct to Joint Design Direction.


Manufacturing in the Midlands

The Midlands has a rich manufacturing history. As well as being the home of the industrial revolution, it became the hub of the British Automotive Industry over the last century and still has a rich, talented, and diverse manufacturing culture to this day. Not only is this bed of skilled local craftmen great for us in maintaining the quality we have become known for, but we are also proud to part of this heritage - a heritage that still carries an international reputation.

Cut from the same cloth

Although we always look to source as locally as possible, the nature of the industry means we supply fabrics woven from all over Europe and beyond. However, one of our main suppliers weaves most of its fabric in Yorkshire. At their peak during the 19th Century, Yorkshire mills were Britain's - and in turn the world's - wool capital. And although the quantity of mills decreased in the 20th Century, the quality and care in their processes still exists today.


Locally made, globally delivered

As well as our pride towards our local manufacturing heritage, we are also proud to say we have worked on projects all over the world, which means we have experience in delivering our furniture by land, sea or air. No matter where your project is, we always aim to deliver in the quickest and most cost effective way, without hindering the quality of our products or the service our clients experience.